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A post-install hook for `macgem` to automatically compile gems when you install them.

All you need to do is:

gem install rubygems-compile

And then you're off to the races! When you install gems you should get a bunch of output about files being compiled.


Right now, all you need to do is install the gem and it will be used every time you install a new gem (or reinstall an existing gem).

In the future, there are a few different ways this plugin could operate:

  • A gem command

    • gem compile nokogiri

    • gem compile –remove-original-files nokogiri

      • I can't remove the original *.rb files and leave *.rbo files by default because of how rubygems identifies gems (unless I modify gemspec files)

  • A gem install option

    • gem install –compile nokogiri

I'm not sure which is best, perhaps all of them will get implemented.


  • Large gems will take a long time to compile, but these are the gems that will benefit the most from being compiled

  • This has only been tested on a few gems, but should not break existing gems since we leave the original files around

  • Some gems specifically require a file with the .rb extension, defeating the purpose of having a compiled version of the gem


Copyright © 2011 Mark Rada. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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