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@@ -79,6 +79,8 @@ How do I use it?
Drop stref.h into your project and #include it. There are no other dependencies.
+The only member functions which can throw an exception (bad_stref_op) are at(index), front() and back().
Which compilers are supported?
I have tested this with:
@@ -87,9 +89,11 @@ I have tested this with:
- g++ 4.7
- clang++ 3.0
-Boost.Test is necessary to build the unit tests.
The only C++11 feature necessary is std::function (#include <functional>).
If you don't have a compiler which supports it, you can easily modify it to use Boost.Functional instead. Use boost::function instead of std::function and #include "boost/functional.hpp".
+Boost.Test is necessary to build the unit tests (stref.cpp).
+The unit tests (stref.cpp) and sample code (sample.cpp) also make use of lambda functions.
License: MIT License

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