Makes you able to use a cron like system in Minecraft for your daily tasks
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Minecraftcron is an application that allows you to schedule timed command in minecraft based on real time lines. The scheduling of this application work on the exact starting moment of a minute

You can schedule tasks using cron based files.


Download project using git: "git clone"

Using Netbeans

  1. Open the project in netbeans
  2. Press Clean and Build (even if it says there are syntax errors)
  3. Build can be found in /target/

Using Eclipse

  1. Install the eclipse maven plugin
  2. Install java JDK
  3. Import the project in Eclipse
  4. Run a maven build with as goal "clean install"
  5. Build can be found in /target/

Using Command line

  1. Install maven + java JDK
  2. Run "mvn clean install" in the project folder
  3. Build can be found in /target/