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Simple application made for Rockaway AWS Hackathon. see

It is all dirty copy and paste, because we had limited time. So don't look and judge :-)

It is written in JavaScript and uses extensively parallel HTTP invocation using promises.

It was developed using "node-lambda".


  • www - web application
  • lambda - simple service that for given URL downloads URL share count from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It is used from web application over API GW.
  • lambda-bulk-mass - bulk upload for large files. It splits data over 100 records and calls lambda-bulk. It is used from web application over API GW.
  • lambda-bulk - service that has same API as lambda-bulk-mass but calls directly lambda-fetch for handling one record.
  • lambda-cron - service that is called every 5 minutes as Scheduled event (handled by AWS directly). It select all URLs from SQL DB and calls lambda-cron-batch for every 100 records.
  • lambda-cron-batch - this service receives list of URLS to handle and for every one calls lambda-fetch.
  • lambda-fetch - service that is copied from lambda and handles the same data but uses internal URL ID that is provided from lambda-cron-batch or lambda-bulk.

Files in directories:

  • index.js - lambda function
  • model.js - configuration for SQL database
  • .env - configuration for simple deployment using "node-lambda deploy". Now not working as account was suspended.
  • event.json - example event file for local testing of lambda function
  • package.json - configuration for npm


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