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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<title>this.Log Logging Extension (log4net Plugin) SAMPLE for VB.NET</title>
<authors>RealDimensions Software, LLC</authors>
<owners>Rob Reynolds</owners>
<summary>this.Log-log4net.Sample - this.Log logging extension using log4net</summary>
<description>this.Log-log4net.Sample is a sample of how to use the log4net plugin to this.Log logging extension.</description>
<copyright>Copyright 2012</copyright>
<tags>logging log this.Log log4net sample</tags>
<dependency id="this.Log-log4net" version="" />
<file src="SampleRun.vb.pp" target="content" />
<file src="TestClass.vb.pp" target="content" />
<file src="app.config.transform" target="content" />
<file src="web.config.transform" target="content" />
<file src="ReadMe.txt" target="" />
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