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Frequently Asked Questions

For local businesses

How hard is it to support business.txt?

It's really easy. You just have to write a business.txt file and upload it to the root of your webpage.

Which webpages support this standard?

We have just launched it. We need your support to include the most visited. The more, the better.

How long does it take to update the info?

This depends on each website. We encourage them to update the info as soon as possible.

What if I have several stores but just one website?

We have you covered. You can add the location of all your stores in just one business.txt file.

For websites

How hard is it to support business.txt?

It's really easy. You just need to get the business.txt from the webpage root and read the different fields.

Can I trust that the info is correct?

The information comes from the owner, so it's in his/her interest to be 100% correct and updated.

How do I know that a webpage has updated their info?

You can ping each website for changes or we can build something like for this.

Why the file is a txt instead of a JSON file?

We want to be a human friendly file. If we had a JSON or XML file, it would be too complicated for a non-developer. Also, we are following the same pattern as the robots.txt file.

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