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MAVBridge is stand-alone ESP8266 based serial MAVLink <-> wireless bridge. It is compatible with MAVLink v1.0 specification and

Compatibility has been tested with:

  • Pixhawk hardware (PX4 and ArduPilot flight stacks)
  • APMPlanner
  • MissionPlanner
  • DroidTower
  • qGroundcontrol
  • MAVProxy

Device has built-in web interface for configuration and status.

At the moment, only UDP transport layer is supported. TCP support is work-in-progress (functionality is there, but ESP runs out of RAM and crashes when transmitting a lot of data).

As for performance- UDP has been successfully tested at 921600 baud rate and almost 70 KiB/s data rate without packet-loss (depends on number of WiFi networks around device , of course).

Configuration interface

Index/status page: Screenshot of index page

Settings: Screenshot of settings page

Building firmware

Prerequisites for building:

Assuming the requirements above are satisfied, building is as simple as:

cd firmware


Hardware is designed using Kicad and the design is available in hardware folder.


Python scripts that automatically test performance and stability of the MAVBridge are available in throughput-test/. Tests require pymavlink.