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Sans Sans Soleil v3.0

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@fetalcircuit fetalcircuit released this 16 May 15:16

This visualization was inspired by Chris Marker's film Sans Soleil, a loosely woven narrative told through the epistolary relationship between a world traveler and a friend back home. Though the visual format of the film is described through a series of moving images cut together to form a journey through a traveler's memory, the text of the film is largely based off the letters and the inner journey they afford the reader. In this visualization, each phrase of the text is represented by a bounding phrase, or 'organism,' that collides with other organisms in its vicinity. Matches of similar words between phrases cause the word to appear and a web to form between organisms. The user, or 'traveler,' can 'capture' an organism and drag it to find more matches, creating her own webs and thus a whole new narrative experience of the original text. Together both visualization and user construct any number of journeys for the fictive traveler to embrace.

This includes the linux, windows, and mac apps.