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Tutorial: Perception

Head Camera Topics

The API for the head camera is documented under :ref:`camera_api`.

Some resources for accessing and processing camera data are:

  • OpenCV is a generic computer vision library which has good support within ROS.
  • Point Cloud Library allows manipulation of 3-dimensional images, or point clouds.
  • cv_bridge is a ROS package that allows converting ROS image messages into OpenCV data structures in C++ or Python.
  • pcl_conversions is a ROS package for converting between ROS PointCloud2 messages and PCL data types in C++.
  • pcl_ros is a ROS package that contains several nodelets for commonly used PCL components such as voxel grid filters for downsampling a point cloud or pass through filters for filtering out data beyond a certain distance.

Running the Pick and Place Demo

See :ref:`mm_demo`.

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