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(Another Brainfuck-to-C transpiler, but written in Fetlang)
(This takes a Brainfuck program from a file and writes the C code
to stdout)
(Get first argument as executable name and second argument as filename)
( Earl - executable name
Faith - filename
Carrie - counter variable
Charlie - Current argument
Zoro - zero
Olivia - one
Trisha - two
Make Earl moan
Make Faith moan
Worship Carrie's feet
Worship Zoro's cock
Lick Olivia's hair
Bind Thomas to Saint Andrew's Cross
have him hogtie Charlie
If Thomas is Zoro's bitch
if Carrie is Zoro's bitch
make Earl moan Charlie's name
if Carrie is Olivia's bitch
make Faith moan Charlie's name
lick Carrie's toes
make Charlie moan
(I have a fetish for obedience)
Lick Trisha's gums two times
have Earl demand obedience of Faith
if Carrie is submissive to Trisha
make Dungeon Master moan "No input file\nUsage: "
make Dungeon Master moan Earl's name
make Dungeon Master scream " [file]"
call safeword
( Now we have to get the source code of the file)
( Sonya - the source code)
have Faith demand obedience of Sonya
make slave scream "#include <stdio.h>\nint main(){char array[3000]={0};\nchar* pointer = array;"
lick Ada's feet forty three times
lick Sasha's left nipple forty five times
lick Leo's balls sixty times
lick Randy's cock sixty two times
lick Wendy's asshole ninety one times
lick Ender's belly ninety three times
lick Orange's nose forty six times
lick Inky's forehead forty four times
bind Joe to Sonya
if Joe is Ada's bitch
make slave scream "(*pointer)++;"
if Joe is Sasha's bitch
make slave scream "(*pointer)--;"
if Joe is Leo's bitch
make slave scream "pointer--;"
if Joe is Randy's bitch
make slave scream "pointer ++;"
if Joe is Wendy's bitch
make slave scream "while(*pointer){"
if Joe is Ender's bitch
make slave scream "}"
if Joe is Orange's bitch
make slave scream "putchar(*pointer);"
if Joe is Inky's bitch
make slave scream "*pointer = getchar();"
make slave scream "return 0;}"