The FetLife App on Android
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FetLife for Android

Welcome to FetLife's open-source Android app!


With official FetLife Android App you can...

  • browse your Activity Feed
  • chat with other Kinksters
  • view other Members' Profile
  • upload your photos/videos
  • find FetLife events on Google Map
  • and do many many other kinky things...


  • Android OS version 4.0.3 or newer


Screenshots of FetLife Android App screenshots2__merged

Installing the App on your Android Device

Installation of FetLife App is a bit different than for Apps from the Google Play store, but it is still pretty straightforward, Android OS will guide you through the whole process.

Just download our latest stable version fetlife-2.16.7.apk or our latest beta version fetlife-2.17.13.apk and follow the on-screen prompts on your device.

For more details please check out FetLife Android App Installation Guide

If something went wrong and you still don’t have the App or you still have further questions left, don’t be worried just check out the FetLife Android App FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide or get in contact with us via or

Kinksters Helping Kinksters

Want to install the app on your phone but are not technically savvy? Ask your local kinky geek! Technically savvy and want to give back to the community... bring your laptop with you the next time you attend an event and install / update the app for anyone who's interested in having it install on their phone. #KinkstersHelpingKinksters

Got Issues?

We are sorry for you facing issues with FetLife Android App. To get the fastest response we suggest you to look first at FetLife Android App FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide.

If did not find a solution or you find a bug or you have a nice idea hot to improve please start by reading through the current list of open issues and if you can't find anything about your bug or suggestion please submit a new issue.

If you prefer not registering to GitHub you can still send your remark or question either to our caretakers ( or directly to our Android developer (

Want to Contribute

We are appreciate any feedback or comment you have about our Android App, but if you feel like even going further and have a jump into our code you are more than welcome to do so.

Just pick up any issue from the open issues (issues marked with open and/or help wanted flags) add yourself as an assignee and go! Please use also the progress flags to make it clear if your are currently working on the specific issue.

We also encourage you to start chatting about your progress and idea of the solution at the chat session of the issue, so we can make sure that merging of the outcome with our code base will go smoothly.

To get the code running just follow the following steps:

Note: To protect our users for any malicious modification of the App, FetLife keeps its signature keys private. For you as a contributor it means you will only be able to build a debug (signed) version of the App. Apps signed with debug keys are fully functional, but because of the signature clash they cannot be installed on top of and existing release version. To be able to run your debug version you have to remove your official FetLife App from your device first.

Should you have any further questions about contributing to FetLife Android Open Source project feel free to submit a new GitHib issue or get in contact with our Android Developer directly via


FetLife for Android is released under the MIT License.