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(ns merpg.IO.out
(:require [ :as io]
[merpg.2D.core :refer [copy]]
[clojure.walk :refer [postwalk]]
[clojure.string :as str]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[merpg.IO.tileset :refer :all]
[merpg.mutable.tileset :refer [tileset!]]
[merpg.mutable.sprites :refer [animation->spritesheet
[merpg.util :refer [mapvals in?]]
[merpg.mutable.registry :as re]
[ :as t]
[ :as e])
(:import [ ZipEntry ZipOutputStream ZipInputStream ZipFile]
[javax.imageio ImageIO]))
(defmacro ^:private with-entry
[zip entry-name zip-name & body]
`(let [^ZipOutputStream ~zip-name ~zip]
(.putNextEntry ~zip-name (ZipEntry. ~entry-name))
(.closeEntry ~zip-name)))
"This is how one makes zipfiles with images & plain text"
(.createNewFile (io/file "/Users/feuer2/Desktop/"))
(with-open [file (io/output-stream "/Users/feuer2/Desktop/")
zip (ZipOutputStream. file)
wrt (io/writer zip)]
(let [tile-img (-> "/Users/feuer2/Desktop/tilejuttu.png"
(binding [*out* wrt]
(doto zip
(with-entry "jeee.txt" _
(println "jfdsiiosdfjoifdsjoisdjfi"))
(with-entry "Tileset0.png" entry-outputstream
(ImageIO/write tile-img "png" entry-outputstream))))))))
(defn dump-image [filename registry-snapshot rendered-tilesets]
(let [registry-snapshot (dissoc registry-snapshot nil)
sprites (->> registry-snapshot
(re/query #(= (:type %) :sprite)))
registry-snapshot (->> registry-snapshot
(filter #(not (in? [:tool :tileset :sprite :zonetile] (-> %
(into {})
(mapvals (fn [v]
(postwalk (fn [vv]
(if (symbol? vv)
(str vv)
vv)) v))))
filename (if (.endsWith filename ".zip")
(str filename ".zip"))
final-filename (-> filename
(str/replace ".zip" ".memap")
(str/replace #"(\.memap)+$" ".memap"))]
(with-open [file (io/output-stream filename)
zip (ZipOutputStream. file)
wrt (io/writer zip)]
(binding [*out* wrt]
(doto zip
(with-entry "registry" _
(pr registry-snapshot))
(with-entry "sprite-registry" _
(pr (->> sprites
(mapvals #(do
(let [anim? (= (:type %) :animated)
result (dissoc % :surface
(if anim?
(assoc result :last-updated 0)
;; write the sprite registry
(doseq [[key tileset] rendered-tilesets]
(let [name (:name (re/peek-registry key))]
(doto zip
(with-entry (str "TILESET - " key " - " name ".png") zipfile
(ImageIO/write tileset "png" zipfile)))))
;; save sprites and spritesheets
(doseq [[key {:keys [subtype surface frames] :as sprite}] sprites]
(let [filename (str "SPRITE - " key ".png")]
(condp = subtype
(doto zip
(with-entry filename file
(ImageIO/write surface "png" file)))
(doto zip
(with-entry filename file
(ImageIO/write (animation->spritesheet sprite) "png" file)))))))
(.renameTo (io/file filename)
(io/file final-filename)))
(println "Saved " (str/replace filename ".zip" ".memap"))
(catch Exception ex
(pprint ex)
(defn entries [zipfile]
(enumeration-seq (.entries zipfile)))
(defn rdr-slurp [rdr]
(loop [content ""]
(if-let [line (.readLine rdr)]
(recur (str content line))
(defn read-image!
"This puts stuff directly to the registry"
;; we can fake onload transactions because we have only one atom
;; it remains to be seen how badly reagi channels shall shit themselves though when registry is emptied under them
(let [old-registry @re/registry]
(reset! re/registry {})
(with-open [zip (ZipFile. filename)]
(let [sprite-surfaces (atom {})
sprite-registry (atom {})]
(doseq [entry (entries zip)]
(= (.getName entry) "registry")
(with-open [in-stream (.getInputStream zip entry)
rdr (io/reader in-stream)]
(let [registry (->> (-> rdr
(mapvals (fn [{:keys [type ns] :as val}]
(if (= type :script)
(assoc val :ns (symbol ns))
(swap! re/registry merge registry)))
(= (.getName entry) "sprite-registry")
(with-open [in-stream (.getInputStream zip entry)
rdr (io/reader in-stream)]
(let [registry (-> rdr rdr-slurp read-string)]
(swap! sprite-registry merge registry)))
(.startsWith (.getName entry) "TILESET")
(with-open [in-stream (.getInputStream zip entry)]
(let [filename (.getName entry)
kw-regex #"^TILESET - :[a-zA-Z0-9_-]* - "
;; in theory, user code execution vulnerability
;; in practice, this app is designed to be ran with the embedded nrepl-server on
;; filename is supposed to be formatted :keyword-id - Name.png and read-string is the easiest way to get the id out because it ignores whatever rubbish comes after the first valid clojure literal
;; getting the tileset's name out will require regex-trickery pockery
id (read-string (str/replace filename #"^TILESET - " ""))
name (-> filename
(str/replace kw-regex "")
(str/replace ".png" ""))
image (ImageIO/read in-stream)]
(tileset! id name image)))
(.startsWith (.getName entry) "SPRITE")
(with-open [in-stream (.getInputStream zip entry)]
(let [filename (.getName entry)
kw-regex #"^SPRITE - (:[a-zA-Z0-9_-]*).png"
id (-> filename
(str/replace kw-regex "$1")
image (ImageIO/read in-stream)]
(swap! sprite-surfaces assoc id image)))
true (locking *out*
(println "Found unrecognized data-entry with name " (.getName entry) " in file " filename))))
(doseq [[id {:keys [subtype frame-count] :as sprite}] @sprite-registry]
(condp = subtype
(re/register-element! id (assoc sprite :surface (get @sprite-surfaces id)))
(if-let [sprites (get @sprite-surfaces id)]
(let [spritesheet (split-spritesheet sprites frame-count)]
(re/register-element! id (assoc sprite :surface (copy (first spritesheet))
:frames spritesheet)))
(println "spritesheet source image is nil for some reason (id = " id ")")
(println "sprite-surfaces follows: ")
(pprint @sprite-surfaces)))))))
(catch Exception ex
(reset! re/registry old-registry)
(locking *out*
(pprint ex))
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