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(ns merpg.mutable.sprites
(:require [merpg.mutable.registry :as re]
[ :as e]
[merpg.2D.core :refer :all]
[reagi.core :as r]
[clojure.pprint :refer :all]
;; [seesaw.core :refer :all]
(:import [java.awt Color]
[java.awt.image BufferedImage]))
(defn static-sprite! [map-id path]
(let [sprites-per-map (count (re/query! #(and (= (:type %) :sprite)
(= (:parent-id %) map-id))))]
(re/register-element! {:name "New sprite"
:type :sprite
:subtype :static
:order sprites-per-map
:parent-id map-id
:x 0
:y 0
:angle 0.0
:surface (image path)}))))
(defn split-spritesheet [spritesheet frame-count]
{:pre [(some? spritesheet)]}
(let [frame-h (img-height spritesheet)
frame-w (/ (img-width spritesheet) frame-count)]
(->> (range 0 (img-width spritesheet) frame-w)
(mapv (fn [frame-x]
(draw-to-surface (BufferedImage. frame-w frame-h BufferedImage/TYPE_INT_ARGB)
(Draw (subimage spritesheet frame-x 0 frame-w frame-h) [0 0])))))))
(defn animated-sprite! [map-id path frame-amount]
(let [sprites-per-map (count (re/query! #(and (= (:type %) :sprite)
(= (:parent-id %) map-id))))
spritesheet (image path)
frame-h (img-height spritesheet)
frame-w (/ (img-width spritesheet)
id (keyword (gensym "ANIM__"))]
(re/register-element! id {:name "New animation"
:id id
:type :sprite
:subtype :animated
:order sprites-per-map
:parent-id map-id
:x 0
:y 0
:angle 0.0
:surface (image frame-w frame-h :color (Color. 0 0 0 0))
:frames (split-spritesheet spritesheet frame-amount)
:playing? true
:last-updated (System/currentTimeMillis)
:frame-age 38 ;; millis
:frame-index 0
:frame-count frame-amount}))))
;; (defn show-img [img]
;; (frame :content
;; (canvas :paint #(.drawImage %2 img 0 0 nil))
;; :width (* 2 (img-width img))
;; :height (* (img-height img) 2)
;; :visible? true))
(defn animation->spritesheet [{:keys [subtype
{:pre [(= subtype :animated)
(some? frames)
(pos? (count frames))]}
(let [w (->> frames
(map img-width)
(reduce +))
step (/ w (count frames))
h (img-height (first frames))
xs (vec (range 0 w step))]
(assert (= (count xs) (count frames)))
(draw-to-surface (clear! (image w h))
(dotimes [i (count frames)]
(if-let [frame (get frames i)]
(Draw frame
[(get xs i) 0])
(println "Frame is nil at " i)))))))
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