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Road Map

Version 2.3.2 (in development)

  • before_filter and after_filter, methods automatically called into the controller [ok]
  • structural improvements for shared hosting [ok]
  • batch to change the folders organization, with skeleton [?]
  • load each controller only once [?]

Version 2.3.1 (maintained)

  • documentation update

ToDo (Framework)

  • ORM integration: Doctrine, Propel and Redbeans
  • css/js minifier to combine all css or js in a single file
  • evaluate the HTTP caching [esi:include] and the template caching
  • add favicon.ico and robots.txt by default to remove the 404 page not found (to evaluate)
  • email class to be fixed
  • check the session class

ToDo ( website)

  • Wiki update
  • Forum module update
  • Language translation: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, France and others...
  • extensions page, plugins and all the extra code goes here
  • Documentation: change all
    to and to


    • $this->set_cache() on controller, if all controller are true, the entire page is cached