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Public Transport Module of Vienna/Austria for MagicMirror²
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fewieden v1.1.0 elevator and line incidents (#5)
* Added WienerLinien disruption info (lines and elevators) (#3)

* Added functions to display interuptions to lines and elevators

* Added .gitignore from MM

* Fixed typos in

* Changed line disruptions text to full description

* removed unused property

* Fixed lint errors

* Fixed README for config parameter name change

* removed project unrelated gitignores

* github templates

* translations, changelog and cleanup of pr #3
Latest commit 3eec063 Mar 26, 2017

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Public Transport of Vienna/Austria Module for MagicMirror2




  1. Clone this repo into ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  2. Configure your ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js:

        module: "MMM-WienerLinien",
        position: "top_right",
        config: {
            api_key: "xxxxxxxxxxx",
            stations: ["2545", "1668"],
  3. Run command npm install --productive in ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-WienerLinien directory.

Config Options

Option Default Description
api_key REQUIRED Get an API key for free access to the data of here.
stations REQUIRED Insert here the station ids you want to display data from How to find an ID?.
max 5 How many departures should be displayed.
shortenStation false After how many characters the station name should be cut. Default: show full name.
shortenDestination false After how many characters the destination name should be cut. Default: show full name.
rotateInterval 20000 (20 sec) How fast should be switched between the stations.
updateInterval 300000 (5 mins) How often should the data be fetched.
elevatorStations EMPTY Insert the station ids where you would like to know elevator disruptions
incidentLines EMPTY Insert the line names for which you would like to know disruptions
incidentShort false If true, also the changes to lines are displayed (AZBLinienspezialtext see documentation), otherwise only current disruptions
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