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European Soccer Standings Module for MagicMirror²




  1. Clone this repo into ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  2. Configure your ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js:

        module: 'MMM-soccer',
        position: 'bottom_right',
        config: {
  3. Run command npm install in ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-soccer directory.

  4. Optional: Get a free api key here

Config Options

Option Default Description
api_key false Either false (limited to 50 requests a day) or an API Key obtained from (limited to 50 requests a minute) .
colored false Boolean to show club logos in color or not.
show 'GERMANY' Which league should be displayed 'GERMANY', 'FRANCE', 'ENGLAND', 'SPAIN' or 'ITALY'
focus_on false Which team should the standings focus on per league e.g. {"GERMANY": "FC Bayern München", "FRANCE": "Olympique Lyonnais"}. Omit this option or set to false to show the full league table.
max_teams false How many teams should be displayed. Omit this option or set to false to show the full league table.
leagues {"GERMANY":430, "FRANCE": 434, "ENGLAND": 426, "SPAIN": 436, "ITALY": 438} A collection of leagues obtained from

OPTIONAL: Voice Control

This module supports voice control by MMM-voice. In order to use this feature, it's required to install the voice module. There are no extra config options for voice control needed.


The voice control mode for this module is SOCCER

List of all Voice Commands

  • OPEN HELP -> Shows the information from the readme here with mode and all commands.
  • CLOSE HELP -> Hides the help information.
  • SHOW STANDINGS OF COUNTRY NAME -> Switch standings to specific league. Valid country names are (Default: GERMANY, FRANCE, ENGLAND, SPAIN or ITALY) set in config. (Effect stays until your mirror restarts, for permanent change you have to edit the config)
  • EXPAND VIEW -> Expands the standings table and shows all teams.
  • COLLAPSE VIEW -> Collapse the expanded view.