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package sqlite3
import "testing"
func TestQueryParameterBinding(t *testing.T) {
Session("test.db", func(db *Database) {
if db == nil {
t.Fatal("unable to acquire DB handle")
sql := "INSERT INTO bar values (?, ?);"
st, e := db.Prepare(sql)
fatalOnError(t, e, "unable to prepare query: %v", sql)
fatalOnError(t, QueryParameter(1).Bind(st, nil), "unable to bind NULL to column 1")
for _, v := range []interface{}{1.1, "hello", TwoItems{ "a", "b" }, []int{13, 27} } {
fatalOnError(t, QueryParameter(1).Bind(st, v), "erroneously bound %v to column 1", v)
fatalOnError(t, QueryParameter(1).Bind(st, 1), "unable to bind integer to column 1")
fatalOnError(t, QueryParameter(2).Bind(st, TwoItems{ "a", "b" }), "unable to bind blob to column 2")
st, e = db.Prepare("INSERT INTO bar values (1, ?)")
fatalOnError(t, e, "unable to prepare query: %v", st.SQLSource())
fatalOnError(t, QueryParameter(1).Bind(st, TwoItems{ "a", "b" }), "unable to bind blob to column 2")
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