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RED Boilerplate

RED Interactive's custom Robyn boilerplate.

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Installing Robyn


Install the Robyn CLI

npm install robyn -g
robyn add rbp git://

Bootstrapping RBP via Robyn

Creating a project

robyn init rbp path/to/folder

Custom parameters

You can add custom parameters along with your bootstrap definition. For example, the following stores a version of RED Boilerplate that only includes the red-start plugin:

robyn add rbp-backend git:// --include-plugins red-start
robyn init rbp-backend path/to/folder

This command includes all plugins:

robyn add rbp-all git:// --all
robyn init rbp-all path/to/folder

While this command includes no plugins:

robyn add rbp-bare git:// --bare
robyn init rbp-bare path/to/folder

Built-in Tasks

Run any of the following via grunt [task]:


Builds your current project.


List out your project's available tasks.


Outputs project specific information, such as your current Robyn version, etc.


Find plugins to install/uninstall.


Initialize your project's boilerplate.


Sync your Robyn version with any upstream changes.


Update your boilerplate to the latest RBP version.



Caboose is RED's Sass framework. Built on top of Compass, it provides additional mixins and features to aid in writing Sass.

The plugin installs Caboose to your project/source/scss directory and installs your project's Ruby gem bundle.

  • caboose
Build Task

grunt build will run compass clean and compass compile to ensure the build process compiles the latest Sass files.

Watch Task

grunt watch watches your project for Sass changes and compiles Sass accordingly. LiveReload will refresh your page on Sass change.

RED Start

RED Start allows the easy creation of Django projects and applications based the layout used at RED Interactive Agency.

The plugin adds RED Start on top of RBP and provides some additional functionality for front-end development.

  • server
Server Task

grunt server spins up Django's runserver. For additional convenience it will also run grunt watch automatically.


RED's inhertiable AMD framework.

  • jshint
  • modernizr
  • requirejs
  • rosy
Build Task

grunt build will compile your project via r.js, verify your code via JSHint, and automatically build out a custom Modernizr based on your usage. It will also minify your RequireJS instance for production use.

Watch Task

grunt watch watches your project for JavaScript changes. LiveReload will refresh your page on JS change.


RED's custom CMS. The Scarlet plugin will install tools useful for development in Scarlet.


Statix is used for developing static websites. It mimics Django's environment to provide parity with our official framework.

  • statix:server
  • statix:build
Server Task

grunt server maps to grunt statix:server when RED Start is not installed. It runs a local node server.

Build Task

grunt build will compile your static files and export them to your deploy folder.