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This repository contains miscellaneous tools for spatial analysis.

Evaluates how the nodes are distributed over districts given by an ESRI shape file.

Requires Fiona and Shapely.

Some Debian-based distributions may not yet include the python3-fiona package. In that case install with pip3:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libgdal1-dev
$ sudo pip3 install fiona

The script may be configured inline. For example, the paths to the nodes.json (ffmap format) and path of the ESRI shape files of the districts (in WGS84 projection, EPSG:4327) may be given. Note that each of the district polygons must contain a property with the name of the district.

If these input constraint are satisfied, this script should be pretty plug'n'play-y to use with no additional coding adaptations required.

By default settings, the script will analyze the distributions of nodes over the statistical districts of the city of Aachen.