Devolo dLAN USB Extender third party utilities
C Shell


This repository contains 3d party proprietary software under the form of
OpenWrt packages makefiles for the Devolo dLAN USB Extender device.

This repository contains:

* foot: the Qualcomm Atheros/Intellon 6300 device flashless boot utility
        required for booting the Power Line Communication chip

* confmgr: a simple configuration manager utility used by foot to fetch
        and store simple key value pairs

* hpav-firmware: the Qualcomm Atheros/Intellon 6300 firmware and PIB files

* transitional firmware required to allow the
  dLAN USB Extender to be flashed with OpenWrt. See readme.txt inside the
  ZIP file for more information

* wmbus-repeater: OMS repeater software

See the HOWTO file for more informations about how to build, flash and
configure OpenWrt for the Devolo dLAN USB Extender. A HTML documentation is
available here: