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UVDesk Community Helpdesk Project Skeleton
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A fully-functional UVDesk Community Edition project skeleton packaged along with the bare essential utilities that you can use to develop your own custom helpdesk solutions.

What's Included?

The standard distribution comes pre-configured with the following bundles:

  • UVDeskCoreBundle - The core framework bundle for bulding helpdesk solutions

  • UVDeskAutomationBundle - Adds support for workflows and prepared responses to automate any specific operations within your helpdesk system

  • UVDeskSupportCenterBundle - Integrates the easily customizable support center portal to enable users to easily interact with the support staff through your helpdesk system

  • UVDeskMailBoxBundle - Convert and get all your emails to support tickets on UVDesk and manage customer query easily.

Installation -

Before creating your UVDesk Community project, make sure that you're using PHP 7 or higher and have Composer installed. You also need to ensure that you have the following PHP extensions installed:

To create your project, run the following command:

$ composer create-project uvdesk/community-skeleton helpdesk-project --stability dev

After creating your project, you can setup the project in the following ways:

Via Terminal

$ php bin/console uvdesk:configure-helpdesk

Via Web Installer

After opening your project in the web browser, where you will be greeted by the web installer to guide you in setting up your project.

About Us

The development of the UVDesk Community Edition is supported by Webkul, led by the UVDesk Team.

Visit our official website to learn more about the UVDesk Helpdesk System.


All libraries and bundles included in the UVDesk Community Edition are released under the MIT or BSD license.

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