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Changed the jobs list format

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1 parent e3eac79 commit c50e1db73385f7830d2aa14beee7b3a758f4f713 @ffevotte committed Nov 6, 2012
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  1. +13 −9 slurm-mode.el
@@ -96,6 +96,12 @@
(defvar slurm-sort-switch)
(defvar slurm-jobid)
+;; WARNING: `slurm--user-column' must be updated when `slurm--jobslist-format' changes
+(defconst slurm--jobslist-format "-o '%.7i %9P %37j %8u %2t %.4M %.5D %.4Q %40R'"
+ "Formatting switch to be used when displayign the jobs list.")
+(defconst slurm--user-column 56
+ "Column at which the user-name is defined in the jobs list.")
(defun slurm-mode ()
"Major-mode for interacting with slurm.
@@ -185,8 +191,7 @@ Customization variables:
"Switch to slurm jobs list view."
(when (eq major-mode 'slurm-mode)
- (let ((format-switch "-o '%.7i %9P %30j %8u %2t %.10M %.5D %.5Q %40R'"))
- (setq slurm-command (format "squeue %s %s %s %s" format-switch slurm-user-switch slurm-partition-switch slurm-sort-switch)))
+ (setq slurm-command (format "squeue %s %s %s %s" slurm--jobslist-format slurm-user-switch slurm-partition-switch slurm-sort-switch))
(setq mode-name "Slurm (jobs list)")
(setq slurm-view 'slurm-job-list)
@@ -300,13 +305,12 @@ ARG must be in a form suitable to be passed as a '-S' switch to the squeue comma
(t (error "Bad context for slurm-job-id"))))
(defun slurm-job-user ()
- (let ((user-col 49))
- (save-excursion
- (beginning-of-line)
- (move-to-column user-col)
- (let ((begin (point)))
- (forward-word)
- (buffer-substring begin (point))))))
+ (save-excursion
+ (beginning-of-line)
+ (move-to-column slurm--user-column)
+ (let ((begin (point)))
+ (forward-word)
+ (buffer-substring begin (point)))))
(defun slurm-job-user-details ()
"Display details on the jub submitter, as returned by the shell `finger' utility."

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