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;;; Base 64 encoding
(def *encode-table*
; Daft and way too slow
(defn encode-num
(let [a (bit-and num 63)
b (bit-shift-right (bit-and num 4032) 6)
c (bit-shift-right (bit-and num 258048) 12)
d (bit-shift-right (bit-and num 16515072) 18)]
(map (fn [x] (nth *encode-table* x )) (list d b c a))))
(defn str-pad [x size padchar]
(let [d (rem (count x) size)]
(if (zero? d)
(concat x (take (- size d) (repeat padchar))))))
(defn encode
"Lazily encode a sequence as base64"
(when-not (nil? s)
(let [x (map int (str-pad (take 3 s) 3 \=))
num (+ (nth x 2) (* 256 (nth x 1)) (* 256 256 (first x)))]
(lazy-cat (encode-num num) (encode (drop 3 s))))))
(defn decode-num
(let [a (bit-and num 255)
b (bit-shift-right (bit-and num 65280) 8)
c (bit-shift-right (bit-and num 16711680) 16)]
(list (char c) (char b) (char a))))
(defn decode
"Lazily decode a sequence from base64"
(when-not (nil? s)
(let [x (map (fn [x] (.indexOf *encode-table* (int x))) (take 4 s))
num (+ (nth x 3) (bit-shift-left (nth x 1) 6) (bit-shift-left (nth x 2) 12) (bit-shift-left (nth x 0) 18))]
(lazy-cat (decode-num num) (decode (drop 4 s))))))