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; Run length encoding
(defn last-in-list [x]
((fn [x last]
(if (nil? x)
(recur (rest x) (first x)))) x nil))
(defn last-but-one-in-list [x]
((fn [x last]
(if (nil? (rest (rest x)))
(recur (rest x) (first (rest x))))) x nil))
(defn element-at [x n]
(if (= n 0)
(first x)
(recur (rest x) (dec n))))
(defn length [x]
((fn [x acc]
(if (nil? x)
(recur (rest x) (inc acc)))) x 0))
(defn my-reverse [x]
((fn [list acc]
(if (nil? list)
(recur (rest list) (cons (first list) acc)))) x nil))
(defn palindrome? [x]
(= x (reverse x)))
(defn atom? [x]
(or (nil? x) (not (seq? x))))
(defn my-flatten [list]
(if (atom? list)
(if (atom? (first list))
(cons (first list) (my-flatten (rest list)))
(concat (my-flatten (first list)) (my-flatten (rest list))))))
(defn my-flatten2 [x]
(if (atom? x)
(list x)
(mapcat my-flatten2 x)))
;; P08 eliminate consecutive duplicates of list elements
;; Ugly style
(defn eliminate-dupes [lst]
((fn [n last accum]
(if (= nil n)
(if (= (first n) last)
(recur (rest n) last accum)
(recur (rest n) (first n) (concat accum (list (first n))))))) lst nil '()))
;; Nicer functional style
(defn eliminate-dupes2 [lst]
((fn [n accum]
(if (= nil n)
(recur (drop-while (fn [x] (= x (first n))) n)
(concat accum (list (first n)))))) lst nil))
;; P09 - pack consecutive duplicates of list elements into sublists
;; TODO should relaly use an accumulator
(defn pack-list [lst]
(if (= lst nil)
(cons (take-while (fn [x] (= x (first lst))) lst)
(pack-list (drop-while (fn [x] (= x (first lst))) lst)))))
(defn pack-list2 [lst]
((fn [xs accum]
(if (= xs nil)
(recur (drop-while (fn [x] (= x (first xs))) xs)
(concat accum (list (take-while (fn [x] (= x (first xs))) xs)))))) lst nil))
;; P10 - Run length encoding of sublists
(defn encode [lst]
((fn [xs accum]
(if (= nil xs)
(recur (rest xs) (concat accum (list (list (count (first xs)) (ffirst xs))))))) (pack-list lst) nil))
;; P11 - Modified run length encoding
(defn encode-modified [lst]
((fn [xs accum]
(if (= nil xs)
(recur (rest xs)
(concat accum
(if (= (count (first xs)) 1)
(ffirst xs)
(list (count (first xs)) (ffirst xs)))))))) (pack-list lst) nil))
;; P12 - Decode a runlength coded list
(defn decode [lst]
((fn [xs accum]
(if (= nil xs)
(recur (rest xs)
(if (list? (first xs))
(concat accum (replicate (ffirst xs) (first (rfirst xs))))
(concat accum (list (first xs))))))) lst nil))
;; P13 encode it directly
(defn encode-direct [lst]
((fn [xs accum]
(if (= nil xs)
(recur (drop-while (fn [x] (= x (first xs))) xs)
(let [items (take-while (fn [x] (= x (first xs))) xs)]
(if (= 1 (count items))
(concat accum items)
(concat accum (list (list (count items) (first items))))))))) lst nil))
;; P14 Duplicate the elements of a list
(defn dupli [lst]
(mapcat (fn [x] (list x x)) lst))
;; P15 Replicate the elements of a list a given number of times
(defn repli [lst n]
(mapcat (fn [x] (replicate n x)) lst))
;; P16 Drop every nth element from a list
(defn drop-nth [lst n]
((fn [xs i accum]
(if (= nil xs)
(if (= 0 (rem i n))
(recur (rest xs) (inc i) accum)
(recur (rest xs) (inc i) (concat accum (list (first xs))))))) lst 1 nil))
;; P17 split a list into two parts
(defn split [lst n]
(list (take n lst) (drop n lst)))
;; P18 extract a slice from a list
(defn slice [lst i n]
(take (inc (- n i)) (drop (dec i) lst)))
;; P19 Rotate a list N places to the left
(defn rotate [lst n]
(if (> n 0)
(take (count lst) (drop n (cycle lst)))
(take (count lst) (drop (- (count lst) (Math/abs n)) (cycle lst)))))
;; P20 Remove the kth element from the list
(defn remove-at [lst n]
(concat (take (dec n) lst) (drop n lst)))
;; P21 - Insert an element at a given position into a list
(defn insert-at [lst elt n]
(concat (take (dec n) lst) (list elt) (drop (dec n) lst)))
;; P22 - Create a list containing all integers within a given range
(defn my-range-lazy [start end]
(when (< start end)
(lazy-cons start (my-range-lazy (inc start) end))))
(defn my-range [start end]
(if (> start end)
(reverse (my-range-lazy end start))
(my-range-lazy start end)))
;; P23 - Extract a given number of randomly selected elements from a list
;; Annoying inc / dec because remove-at is 1 based!
(defn rnd-select [lst n]
(when (> n 0)
(let [x (rand-int (count lst))]
(lazy-cons (nth lst x) (rnd-select (remove-at lst (inc x)) (dec n))))))
;; P24 Select N different frombers from the set 1..m
(defn lotto-select [n rng]
(rnd-select (range 1 rng) n))
;; P25 permute a list
(defn rnd-permu [lst]
(let [length (count lst)]
(when (> length 0)
(let [x (rand-int length)]
(lazy-cons (nth lst x) (rnd-permu (remove-at lst (inc x))))))))
;; P26 - Generate the combinations of K distinct objects chosen from N
;; Define recursively
(defn append-prefix [prefix lst-elements]
(mapcat (fn [x] (list (concat prefix (list x)))) lst-elements))
(defn combination [n lst]
(if (> n (count lst))
(let [elem-list (split lst (dec n)) rlist (nthrest lst (dec n))]
(concat (append-prefix (first elem-list) rlist) (combination n (rest lst))))))
;; P27 Group elements into disjoint subsets
;; Multinomial Coefficients
(defn group3 [lst sizes]
(prn "Come back to this one!"))
;; P28 Sorting a list of lists according to length of sublists
(defn lsort [lst]
(sort (fn [x y] (< (count x) (count y))) lst))
;; No idea where 29-3o are!
;; P31 Simple test for prime numbers
(defn isprime [p]
(if (= p 2)
(and (> p 1)
(every? (fn [x] (not (zero? (rem p x)))) (range 2 (inc (Math/sqrt p)))))))
(defn sieve [x]
(filter isprime (range 1 x)))
;; P32 Write the GCD algorithm for two positive numbers
(defn gcd [a b]
(if (zero? b)
(recur b (rem a b))))
;; P33
(defn coprime [a b]
(= (gcd a b) 1))
;; P34
(defn totient [x]
(if (= x 1)
(count (filter (partial coprime x) (range 1 x)))))
;; P35 prime factors of a given positive integer
(defn prime-factors-helper [n]
(reverse (filter (fn [x] (zero? (rem n x))) (sieve n))))
(defn prime-factors-fn [x nums]
(if (nil? nums)
(if (zero? (rem x (first nums)))
(lazy-cons (first nums) (prime-factors-fn (/ x (first nums)) nums))
(prime-factors-fn x (rest nums)))))
(defn prime-factors [x]
(prime-factors-fn x (prime-factors-helper x)))
;; P36 Prime factors of a given positive integer + multiplicands
(defn prime-factors-mult [x]
(let [y (prime-factors x)]
(map (fn [x] (if (list? x) x (list x 1))) (encode-direct y))))
;; P37 Improved totient function
(defn totient-improved [m]
(let [factors (prime-factors-mult m)]
(reduce + (map
(fn [x]
(let [p (first x) m (second x)]
(* (dec p) (Math/pow p (dec m)))))
;; P38
;; P39 A list of prime numbers
(defn primes [x y]
(filter (fn [z] (< x z)) (sieve y)))
;; P40 Goldbach's conjecture