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;;; Solving Countdown by Bruteforce
(ns countdown
(:use clojure.contrib.combinatorics)
(:use clojure.contrib.seq-utils))
(def *operators* {'+ + '- - '/ / '* *})
(defn is-valid [op a b]
(= + op) true
(= - op) (> a b)
(= * op) true
(= / op) (= (mod a b) 0)))
(defstruct node :expression :value)
(defn value
(if (map? x)
(x :value)
(defn expression
(if (map? x)
(x :expression)
(defn expr
"A list of expressions for a and b"
[a b]
(let [nodea (map? a) nodeb (map? b)]
(filter (fn [x] (not (nil? x)))
(map (fn [x] (when (is-valid (second x) (value a) (value b))
(struct node
(list (first x) (expression a) (expression b))
((second x) (value a) (value b)))))
(defn make-expressions-helper
"Given a lst, build up all valid Countdown expressions"
(< (count x) 2) (list (struct node (first x) (first x)))
(= 2 (count x)) (apply expr x)
(let [exps (apply expr (take 2 x))
remd (drop 2 x)]
(mapcat make-expressions-helper (map (fn [x] (cons x remd)) exps)))))
(defn drop-one
"All combinations of a lst without one element"
(let [v (into [] lst) size (count v)]
(map (fn [x] (concat (subvec v 0 (dec x)) (subvec v x))) (range 1 (inc size)))))
(defn make-expressions [lst]
(if (nil? lst)
(mapcat make-expressions-helper (permutations lst))
(mapcat make-expressions (drop-one lst)))))
(defn solve
"Solve the countdown problem"
[numbers target]
(filter (fn [x] (= (x :value) target)) (make-expressions numbers)))