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;;; Implementation of the Game of Life
(ns game-of-life
(:import (javax.swing JFrame JLabel JTextField JButton JComboBox JPanel Timer))
(:import (java.awt.event ActionListener MouseListener MouseAdapter MouseEvent))
(:import (java.awt GridLayout Color)))
;; Rules from Wikipedia
;; 1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if by needs caused by underpopulation.
;; 2. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overcrowding.
;; 3. Any live cell with two or three live neighbours lives, unchanged, to the next generation.
;; 4. Any tile with exactly three live neighbours cells will be populated with a living cell.
(defstruct point :x :y)
(defn world-at [world point]
(get world point))
(defn toggle-pos [world point]
(if (zero? (world-at world point))
(assoc world point 1)
(assoc world point 0)))
(defn neighbours [p]
(let [x (:x p) y (:y p)]
[(struct point (dec x) (dec y)) (struct point x (dec y)) (struct point (inc x) (dec y))
(struct point (dec x) y) (struct point (inc x) y)
(struct point (dec x) (inc y)) (struct point x (inc y)) (struct point (inc x) (inc y))]))
(defn neighbour-count [world p]
(reduce + (map (fn [x] (let [v (world-at world x)] (if (nil? v) 0 v))) (neighbours p))))
(defn new-state [world p]
(let [neighbours (neighbour-count world p) alive (world-at world p)]
(and (= alive 1) (< neighbours 2)) 0 ;; under population
(and (= alive 1) (> neighbours 3)) 0 ;; over-crowding
(and (= alive 1) (or (= 2 neighbours) (= 3 neighbours))) 1 ;; unchanged to the next generation
(and (= 3 neighbours)) 1 ;; any tile with exactly 3 live neighbour cells becomes alive
:else 0)))
(defn life-step [w]
(into (hash-map) (map (fn [x] [(first x) (new-state w (first x))]) w)))
(defn create-world [w h]
(let [x (range 0 w) y (range 0 h)]
(apply hash-map (mapcat (fn [a] (mapcat (fn [b] (list (struct point a b) 0)) y)) x))))
;; UI elements and mutable ness
(def grid-size 15)
(def world (atom (create-world grid-size grid-size)))
(def canvas (proxy [JPanel] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(doseq [x (range 0 grid-size)]
(doseq [y (range 0 grid-size)]
(let [alive (world-at @world (struct point x y)) sq-size (/ (min (.getHeight this) (.getWidth this)) grid-size)]
(zero? alive) (.setColor g Color/BLUE)
:else (.setColor g Color/RED))
(.fillRect g (* x sq-size) (* y sq-size) (dec sq-size) (dec sq-size))))))))
(defn lifeapp []
(swap! world (fn [w] (create-world grid-size grid-size)))
(let [frame (JFrame. "Game of Life")]
(doto canvas
(.addMouseListener (proxy [MouseAdapter] []
(mouseClicked [e]
(if (= (MouseEvent/BUTTON1) (.getButton e))
(let [sq-size (/ (min (.getHeight canvas) (.getWidth canvas)) grid-size) x (int (/ (.getX e) sq-size)) y (int (/ (.getY e) sq-size))]
(swap! world (fn [w] (toggle-pos w (struct point x y)))))
(swap! world (fn [w] (life-step w))))
(.repaint canvas)))))
(doto frame
(.add canvas)
(.setSize 300 300)
(.setResizable true)
(.setVisible true))))