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;;; Draw a fractal
(import '(javax.swing JFrame JPanel)
'(java.awt Color)
'(java.awt.image BufferedImage MemoryImageSource))
(def *max-iteration* 256)
(def *width* 1024)
(def *height* 1024)
(defn process-pixel [x y]
((fn [x y xc yc accum]
(let [x1 (+ (- (* x x) (* y y)) xc)
y1 (+ (* 2 x y) yc)
sq (+ (* x1 x1) (* y1 y1))]
(> accum *max-iteration*) *max-iteration*
(> sq 2.0) accum
:else (recur x1 y1 xc yc (inc accum))))) x y x y 0))
(defn get-color [pixel]
(Color/HSBtoRGB (/ (double pixel) *max-iteration*) 0.5 0.75))
(defn calculate-pixels []
(let [pixels (range 0 (* *width* *height*))]
(doall (pmap (fn [p]
(let [row (rem p *width*) col (int (/ p *height*))]
(get-color (process-pixel (/ row (double *width*)) (/ col (double *height*))))))
(defn calculate-pixels-2 []
(let [n (* *width* *height*)
work (partition (/ n 16) (range 0 n))
result (pmap (fn [x]
(doall (map
(fn [p]
(let [row (rem p *width*) col (int (/ p *height*))]
(get-color (process-pixel (/ row (double *width*)) (/ col (double *height*))))))
(apply concat result)))
(defn simple-mandlebrot [w h]
(let [x (int-array (calculate-pixels))]
(MemoryImageSource. w h x 0 w)))
(def canvas (proxy [JPanel] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(doto g
(.drawImage (.createImage this (simple-mandlebrot *width* *height*)) 0 0 nil)))))
(defn fractals []
(let [frame (JFrame. "Fractals")]
(doto frame
(.add canvas)
(.setSize 512 512)
(.setVisible true))))
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