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;;; Regex-coach
;;; Inspired by
(import '(javax.swing JFrame JLabel JTextField JButton JComboBox JPanel BoxLayout)
'(java.awt.event ActionListener KeyAdapter)
'(java.util.regex PatternSyntaxException)
'(javax.swing.text DefaultHighlighter$DefaultHighlightPainter)
'(java.awt GridLayout Color))
;; Should be a macro
(defn first-match [m]
(if (coll? m) (first m) m))
(defn match [regex text]
(let [m (first-match (re-find (re-pattern regex) text))]
(if (nil? m)
[0 0]
(let [ind (.indexOf text m) len (.length m)]
[ind (+ ind len)]))))
(defn regexcoach []
(let [frame (JFrame. "Regular Expression Coach") pane (JPanel.) regexText (JTextField.)
targetText (JTextField. "")
statusBar (JLabel. "Match from 0 to 0")
keyHandler (proxy [KeyAdapter] []
(keyTyped [keyEvent]
(let [m (match (.getText regexText) (.getText targetText))
hl (.getHighlighter targetText)
pen (DefaultHighlighter$DefaultHighlightPainter. Color/RED)]
(.removeAllHighlights hl)
(.addHighlight hl (first m) (second m) pen)
(.setText statusBar (format "Match from %s to %s" (first m) (second m))))
(catch PatternSyntaxException e (.setText statusBar (.getMessage e))))))]
(doto regexText
(.addKeyListener keyHandler))
(doto targetText
(.addKeyListener keyHandler))
(doto pane
(.setLayout (BoxLayout. pane BoxLayout/Y_AXIS))
(.add (JLabel. "Regular Expression"))
(.add regexText)
(.add (JLabel. "Target String"))
(.add targetText)
(.add statusBar))
(doto frame
(.add pane)
(.setSize 300 300)
(.setVisible true))))