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;;; Henley example program from ANSI Common Lisp
(defn file-as-wordlist [f]
(filter (fn [x] (> (count x) 0)) (.split (slurp f) "\n|[ ]|\r|[.]|[,]|[\"]")))
(defn build-frequency-map [words]
(let [word-pairs (mapcat (fn [x y] (list [x y])) (cons (last words) words) words)]
(reduce (fn [accum v]
(let [w1 (first v) w2 (second v) val (get accum w1)]
(if (nil? val)
(assoc accum w1 {w2 1})
(let [currentVal (get val w2 0)]
(assoc accum w1 (conj val {w2 (inc currentVal)}))))))
{} word-pairs)))
(defn frequency-map-count [m word]
(let [v (get m word)]
(if (nil? v)
(reduce (fn [x y] (+ x (second y))) 0 v))))
(defn next-word [m word]
(let [following (get m word) p (rand-int (frequency-map-count m word))]
((fn [words prob]
(let [word-count (second (first words))]
(if (>= word-count prob)
(first (first words))
(recur (rest words) (- prob word-count))))) following p)))
(defn generate-text [example n & [start]]
(let [words (file-as-wordlist example) fm (build-frequency-map words)
start-word (if (nil? start) "the" start)]
(apply str (interpose " " (take n (iterate (partial next-word fm) start-word))))))
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