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# UnSHc
UnSHc - How to decrypt SHc *.sh.x encrypted file ?

# Please note

I will not decrypt any file for people.
Issues on GitHub are only to discuss about bug and/or improvement of the tool "UnSHc".

If you think you have found a bug, please provide me the encrypted file ***AND the unencrypted file corresponding***. Without these two files I can't reverse it and analyze it.
Add some information about the architecture where the encrypted file has been created (what linux distribution and version, what architecture x86 or x64, etc.).

***All others "file decryption issues" will be closed directly.***

# SHc review

SHc (SHell compiler) is a fabulous tool created and maintained by Francisco Javier Rosales Garcia (
This tool protect any shell script with encryption (ARC4).

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