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This library consits of two parts:
This library consists of two parts:

- `resty.acme.autossl`: automatic lifecycle management of Let's Encrypt certificates
- `resty.acme.client`: Lua implementation of ACME v2 protocol
@@ -195,7 +195,13 @@ See also [Storage Adapters](#storage-adapters) below.

## resty.acme.client

A config table can be passed to ``, the default values are:

**syntax**: *c, err =*

Create a ACMEv2 client.

Default values for `config` are:

default_config = {
@@ -226,6 +232,33 @@ See also [Storage Adapters](#storage-adapters) below.

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### client:init

**syntax**: *err = client:init()*

Initialize the client, requires availability of cosocket API. This function will
login or register an account.

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### client:order_certificate

**syntax**: *err = client:order_certificate(domain,...)*

Create a certificate with one or more domains. Note that wildcard domains are not
supported as it can only be verified by [dns-01]( challenge.

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### client:serve_http_challenge

**syntax**: *client:serve_http_challenge()*

Serve [http-01]( challenge. A common use case will be to
put this as a content_by_* block for `/.well-known` path.

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## Storage Adapters

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