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doc(readme) fix require statement in examples

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fffonion committed Feb 4, 2020
1 parent e850eff commit 4a2120ce39186d28565e09e49e750fd58c046038
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@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ parameter of RSA key is supported. Each value of the returned table is a
[](#restyopensslbn) instance.

local pk, err = require("resty.openssl")
local pk, err = require("resty.openssl.pkey").new()
local parameters, err = pk:get_parameters()
local e = parameters.e
@@ -383,8 +383,8 @@ instance. The `digest` parameter must be a [resty.openssl.digest](#restyopenssld
instance. Returns the signed raw binary and error if any.

local pk, err = require("resty.openssl")
local digest, err = require("resty.openssl")"SHA256")
local pk, err = require("resty.openssl.pkey").new()
local digest, err = require("resty.openssl.digest").new("SHA256")
local signature, err = pk:sign(digest)
@@ -1998,10 +1998,6 @@ same.
If you plan to use this library on an untested version of OpenSSL (like custom builds or pre releases),
[this]( can be a good source to consult.
- add tests for x509 getters/setters
[Back to TOC](#table-of-contents)
@@ -2011,7 +2007,7 @@ Copyright and License
This module is licensed under the BSD license.
Copyright (C) 2019, by fffonion <>.
Copyright (C) 2019-2020, by fffonion <>.
All rights reserved.

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