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Freifunk Karlsruhe Firmware


You can find the current site-ffka in our gitlab:

The Github reposetory is not maintainded any longer and should not be used.

How To Build

This is building FFKA firmware in a nutshell. For more on options or building specific branches please refer to the build script, the official Gluon repository at GitHub, or the official Gluon documentation.

To compile the firmware you need a working build environment and packages for git, subversion, gawk, unzip, ncurses headers and zlib headers.

On Debian GNU/Linux, install like this:

sudo apt-get install git subversion python build-essential gawk unzip libz-dev libncurses-dev libssl-dev

Then download and build as follows:

git clone git://         # Get the official Gluon repository
cd gluon
git clone site   			# Get the Freifunk Karlsruhe site repository
make update                                                 # Fetch all repositories

In order to get a more verbose output, e.g. in case of build errors, you can call

./site/ -v

Note since gluon 2015.1 the firmware is built for multiple targets. Now you need at least 45 GB of free space!