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Breakout game in ThingML

This repo contains the implementation of a simple breakout game in ThingML. This example demonstrate how platform independent components can be created in ThingML and run on very different platforms. The main main game is implemented in BreakoutGame.thingml. The sub-directories _arduino, _browser, _java, _posix contain the platform specific components which provide the APIs needed by the game to interface with the platform.


Running on different platforms

Posix C / SDL 2

The posix version uses the SDL2 library and SDL2_TTF to draw text.

Install the required libraries with:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev

Arduino / Adafruit ST7735

For the arduino target, we are using this shield:

This requires the installation of the corresponding libraries in the arduino IDE. The 2 libraries to install are:

More details on how to connect and install the libraries can be found here:

Make sure your hardware and Arduino IDE is working before trying to compile the ThingML generated code.

The control using the buttons is not implemented. It is left as a exercise for you to do.

JS / Web Browser

Any proper web browser should be fine (Firefox, Chrome, etc). On smartphone, touch interactions are not yet properly managed.

Java / Swing

Should work on any JVM able to display graphics (non-headless). Maven (and a proper JDK) are needed to compile.

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