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I get this error invoking the template:

mv: rename public/stylesheets/sass/application.sass to app/stylesheets/sass/application.sass: No such file or directory

Here is my ~/.big_old_rails_template/configs/lark/config.yml (all defaults except Haml + Compass):

These options control the overall code generation strategy. If you omit

any of them from the configuration file, you'll be prompted at template

run time to supply them.


rails branch options: any branch in the repo

rails_branch: 2-3-stable

database options: postgresql (default), mysql, sqlite

database: postgresql

exception options: exceptional (default), hoptoad

exception_handling: exceptional

monitoring options: new_relic (default), scout

monitoring: new_relic

vendor branch management: piston (default), braid, git (submodules), none

branch_management: piston

rails strategy: vendored (default), gem, symlinked

rails_strategy: vendored

link_rails_root is only used if rails_strategy == symlinked

link_rails_root: ~/rails

IE6 blocking: none, light (default), ie6nomore

ie6_blocking: light

javascript library: prototype (default), jquery

javascript_library: prototype

template engine: erb (default), haml

template_engine: haml

Design: none (default), bluetrip, compass

design: compass

compass_css_framework is only used if design == compass: blueprint (default), 960

compass_css_framework: blueprint

Require users to activate after creating an account: false (default), true

require_activation: false

mocking library to use in tests: rr, mocha (default)

mocking: mocha

controller_type: rails (default), inherited_resources

controller_type: rails

post-creation options: pick one or more.

'heroku' to deploy the project to Heroku

'github' to deploy the project to GitHub

default option is do-nothing


GitHub options. These are only used if 'github' is set as one of the post_creation options

github_username: your_user_name
github_token: 123456 # found at
github_public: 1 # 1 to create a public repo, 0 to create a private repo

These options can be omitted, and the template will default to sensible behavior


branches to create in the git repo. Default branch will be checked out.

if none specified, just leaves the single master branch.

master: default

These options are plugged into the generated code. You can leave any of

them that you're not using set to their default values


Mail server connection information for config/initializers/mail.rb

smtp_password: password

Capistrano information for config/deploy.rb

capistrano_user: webadmin

API keys

Note that Exceptional generates a new API key for each application

exceptional_api_key: PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

Note that Hoptoad generates a new API key for each application

hoptoad_api_key: PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE
newrelic_api_key: PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

Return address info for app/models/notifier.rb

notifier_email_from: Empire Software, Inc.


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