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I’m happy to take suggestions for BigOldRailsTemplate – though I’m more likely to implement the things that matter to me. But if someone wants to submit a patch that incorporates other tools as options, great!


Appearance here is no guarantee that a feature will show up in the actual code, of course. Feel free to add your own suggestions. If you’re interested in owning any of these features, drop me a line .


  • Rails 3 compatibility – ie, actually running the template under Rails 3. This does not currently work, though I have not investigated how extensive the breakage is.

Gems and plugins and other external bits

  • LessCSS support
  • Support for other Compass designs
  • Make the rails_xss loading respect rails version
  • Add optional Warden/Devise support instead of Authlogic

Code changes

  • roles via hashdown? states?
  • define mb_chars on array (self.join( ‘,’ ).mb_chars) so that roles are displayed by admin_data, instead of an error. (need to check whether this is still a problem)


  • Selenium acceptance tests


  • config merging
  • Check dependencies and give nicer error messages – ie, if Piston is missing but configured for piston
  • Automatically generate origin repo. Allow using GitHub or a private gitosis server.
  • Fix problems with rake db:create:all
  • “file sets”


  • Other js choices? (mootools, yui …)
  • Put back live_validations but make it optional