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A build script for a rails bugmash test server
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RailsBridge BugMash Server Script

(I need a longer name. taking submissions.)

This is a script to take a debian box from ground zero to Rails Testing Machine. You will end up with MySQL, Postgres, Sqlite, Memcached and many rubies, as well as automated testing scripts.

Installation instructions

  1. untar the installer to your home directory (or do git clone git://
  2. Setup password-less sudo for your work account (not mandatory, but nice)
  3. There really needs to be a step three - don't you think?
  4. run the installer

What's it doing under the hood?

It's updating your system, grabbing a whole bunch of new packages, installing them, configuring them, getting rvm, installing 3 or 4 rubies and pressing on.

Should I use this on my lovingly built workstation?

Um, no?

Seriously, we are running automated updates, upgrades, and core system package installs. Use a VM that you just installed linux onto.

Can I use this to build a production ready application server?

Again - no.

Well, possibly - but we have done zero hardening, and several of the packages are for development, not front line, battle hardened servers. This is a development tool.

Legal Stuff

This is fully copylefted. If you find some use for it, please do let me know.

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