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v0.2.5 Fix deprecations from Rails 3
v0.2.4 Clean up and a little more safety around previous revision
v0.2.3 Fix the case where there is no previous revision so it doesn't blow up
v0.2.2 SVN support courtesy Olivier Brisse
v0.2.1 Documentation update so that it works with ActionMailer 2.3+
v0.2.0 Git changes in the email, major refactoring
v0.0.9 Ruby 1.8.7 support via a small change to the Net::SMTP SSL hack
v0.0.8. Fix failing spec on runcoderun that depended on timezone; add redgreen to specs
v0.0.7. Pick up changelog and gemspec
v0.0.6. Fix subject line if there *is* a rails_env defined - this was a bug introduced with the 0.0.5 'fix'. Awesome.
v0.0.5. Fix subject line iv there is no rails_env defined
v0.0.4. Add dev dependency on echoe; update manifest
v0.0.3. Don't try to convert the RAILS_ENV if its not set to better support default capistrano deployments
v0.0.2. Converts the release times to the current time zone; improved docs.
v0.0.1. Initial release. Rock n roll mcdonalds.