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* Update or split-out the bin_path setting
* add test suite for Bazaar SCM
* make --verbose option work with all SCM, Builders and Publishers
* update rake builder to only check exit status or aborted msg
* Add smart algorithm for calculating of person's name who broke release
* Add on_success on_failure and on_finish options to builders
* Make possibility to run tests for all revisions (not only latest for that moment)
* Send svn log not only for latest revision but from latest successfull. For that we need to store version of latest successful rev.
* IRC: make message colorized. Make messages shorter to avoid irc flood (and ban to user)
* Add heartbit message
* Create Screencast for Cerberus
* Improve Configuration Index (docs)
* Refactor logger. Use logger also in mail publisher.
* Add configuration migrations, for easier migration process
* Add support of X10 devices -