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DB2S3 - A rails plugin to backup Mysql to Amazon S3
You're looking at a monthly spend of four cents
So pony up you cheap bastard, and store your backups on S3
# In config/environment.rb
config.gem "xaviershay-db2s3", :lib => "db2s3", :source => ""
# In Rakefile
require 'db2s3/tasks'
# In config/initializers/db2s3.rb
DB2S3::Config.instance_eval do
S3 = {
:access_key_id => 'yourkey',
:secret_access_key => 'yoursecretkey',
:bucket => 'yourapp-db-backup'
# DB credentials are read from your rails environment
rake gems:install
# Add to your crontab or whatever
rake db2s3:backup:full
rake db2s3:backup:incremental # Unimplemented
# Handy tasks
rake db2s3:metrics # Estimated costs
rake db2s3:backup:restore # You should be testing this regularly
Currently only stores the latest backup