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* Fix a bug that was breaking the parsing process for certain feeds. [reported by: Patrick Minton]
* Add support for new fields:
* Atom 0.3: issued is now available through entry.date_published.
* RSS: feed.skip_hours, feed.skip_days, feed.ttl [joshpeek]
* All: entry.last_updated, this is an alias to entry.date_published for RSS.
* Rewrite relative links in content [joshpeek]
* Handle CDATA sections consistently across all formats. [sam.lown]
* Prevent SimpleRSS from doing its own escaping. [reported by: paul.stadig, lionel.bouton]
* Reparse Time classes [reported by: sam.lown]
* Support content:encoded. Accessible via Entry#content.
* Support categories. Accessible via Entry#categories.
* Introduces a new parsing feature 'loose parsing'. Use :loose => true
when parsing if the required output should retain extra data, rather
than drop it in the interests of 'lowest common denomiator' normalization.
Currently affects how categories works. See the documentation in
FeedNormalizer#parse for more details.
* Add support for applicable dublin core elements. (dc:date and dc:creator)
* Feeds can now be dumped to YAML.
* Small changes to work with hpricot 0.6. This release depends on hpricot 0.6.
* Reduced the greediness of a regexp that was removing html comments.
* Small changes to work with hpricot 0.5.
* Added HtmlCleaner - sanitizes HTML and removes 'bad' URIs to a level suitable
for 'safe' display inside a web browser. Can be used as a standalone library,
or as part of the Feed object. See Feed.clean! for details about cleaning a
Feed instance. Also see HtmlCleaner and its unit tests. Uses Hpricot.
* Added Feed-diffing. Differences between two feeds can be displayed using
Feed.diff. Works nicely with YAML for a readable diff.
* FeedNormalizer.parse now takes a hash for its arguments.
* Removed FN::Content.
* Now uses Hoe!