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This plugin provides a nice and easy way to create simple internal messaging system in your application.

This is a fork of xinuc's has_messages, which adds e-mail notification support.



These instructions will show you how to use the plugin.


Run the generator from your RAILS_ROOT:

./script/generate has_messages

This will create:

Model:      RAILS_ROOT/app/models/message.rb
Migration:  RAILS_ROOT/db/migrate/xxx_create_messages.rb

If you would like to add e-mail notification support so that users will receive an e-mail upon a new message entering their mailbox, use the following instead:

./script/generate has_messages --email

This will create the necessary models for email notification.


And you will need to run a database migration from your RAILS_ROOT:

rake db:migrate

Email Notification

Other than running ./script/generate has_messages –email

All you need to do is to make sure your ActionMailer configuration is added to your environment

Remember to edit the template of the email at app/views/notifier/message_notification.html.erb to take into account the attributes of your User model


add has_messages to your user-like model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

or yes, just any activerecord models:

class Company < ActiveRecord::Base

Read and send messages

To get the messages:

user = User.find some_id
user.inbox # will return all messages received by the user
user.outbox # will return all messages sent by the user

user.has_new_messages? # return true if the user has unread messages
user.new_messages # return all unread messages

and you can add options to the methods, like:

user.inbox :limit => 20 # will return last 20 received messages

to read the message:

message = user.read_message(message_id)
# receive a message_id (generally from the request's params) and return the message object
# this method will set the message as read

subject = message.subject
sender = message.sender
body = message.body # return the body of the message (string)
sent_at = message.sent_at

to send a message:

me = User.find some_id
delilah = User.find some_other_id

subject = "Hi there Delilah"
body = "What's it like in New York city??"

me.send_message(delilah, subject, body) # send_message(receiver, subject, body)

to delete the message

# receive a message_id and set the message as trashed,
# delete the record if the message has been trashed by both sender and receiver.
# don't use <tt>message.destroy</tt> directly, cause it will delete the message
# both from the receiver's inbox and sender's outbox. The users will be confused :-(

Reply Messages

To reply to a message

message = Message.find some_id

user = User.find some_id
user.reply_message(message, subject, body)

To get all replies belonging to a message

user = User.find some_id


Run the following command in your RAILS_ROOT:

./script/plugin install git://

Or, simply get the tarball at:

extract it to your vendor/plugins and rename it to 'has_messages'

Bugs, Patches or Feature requests

If you find any bugs, submit your patches or request any features, drop me an email: