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{ "caption": "Guard: Start Guard", "command": "start_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Stop Guard", "command": "stop_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Show Guard Output", "command": "show_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Hide Guard Output", "command": "hide_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Run all Tests", "command": "run_all_tests_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Output Help", "command": "output_help_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Reload Guard", "command": "run_all_tests_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Toggle Notifications", "command": "toggle_notifications_guard" },
{ "caption": "Guard: Pause/Unpause", "command": "pause_guard" }
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