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Deploy and manage your Freifunk community gateway, mostly compatible with Gluon.
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Freifunk Gateway Module

This module automates the configuration of a FFNord Freifunk Gateway, used for example in Kiel and Freifunk Nord. The idea is to implement the step-by-step guide on with multi-community support and almost all other FFNord tools.

The ffnord::mesh block will setup a bridge, fastd, batman, ntp, dhcpd, dns (bind9), radvd, bird6 and firewall rules vor IPv4 and IPv6. There are types for setting up monitoring, icvpn, anonymous vpn and alfred announcements.

Getting started

A detailed instruction and an example puppet manifest can be found at:

Open Problems

  • As usual, you should have configure the fully qualified domain name (fqdn) before running this module, you can check this with hostname -f.
  • The configured dns server only provides support for the root zone. Custom tlds are currently not supported.
  • Bird6 must be reconfigured after a puppet run, otherwise the icvpn protocols are not available
  • When touching the network devices on a rerun named should be restarted.


  • Bird IPv4 Route exchange
  • Apply firewall rules automatially, when all rules are defined.


Basically this is a complete rewrite of the puppet scripts provided by the Freifunk Hamburg Community.

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