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Freesound Wallpaper Generator

This is an awesome app for creating wallpapers using Freesound's tools for generating waveform and spectrogram images.

The code that generates the waveform and spectrogram images in Freesound was written a number of years ago by Bram de Jong. You can use that code as a command line tool as well, see instructions here. The original idea for the Freesound Wallpaper Generator app is from Sebastian Mealla.

Dev & deploy instructions

Build & run

The following environment variables must be set before running using a .env file:

  • FS_CLIENT_ID: Freesound API client ID (needs to have OAuth password grant enabled).
  • FS_UNAME: Username for Freesound user that will download the sounds.
  • FS_PASSWORD: Password for the Freesound user that will download the sounds.

The following environment variables are optional:

  • HOST, PORT: Host and port for the web app (defaults to and 5000).
  • BASE_URL: Base URL to build app URLs (defaults to http://localhost:5000/)
  • DEBUG: Flask debug setting flag (defaults to True).
  • DATA_DIR: Directory where to save generated data files (defaults to /code/data/ inside docker image)

Create a file in this directory with no contents named persistent_data.json:

touch persistent_data.json

To run the app use:

docker-compose up


  • cleanup disk from time to time
  • improve design, choose background image from a number of randomly pre-computed wallpapers
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