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ffrouin/suspicious-14.04 is based on ffrouin/system-14.04


IT Threats GeoDashboard - Demo


Statistic reports : countries, services, targets Threat reports : target, source, geolocalize (country, region, city), service, timelog Map features : drag, zoom, select country, select it threat, drag it threat, disperse it threats (double click) Timeline reports : move backward and forward in time threat database. Selecting a report before going into timeline mode results into report survey over timeline.

Backend Technologies

  • fail2ban : used to detect, log and act when malicious activity occurs
  • MaxMind GeoIP : used to get geographic IP details : latitude, longitude, city, region, country
  • perl : used to process strings with perl REGEXP in order to format the data for the frontend, this script produces csv files
  • cron : used to update MaxMind GeoIP database and to call backend perl script to push the data to the frontend

Frontend Technologies

  • web server : apache2 nginx, lighttpd will serve our static files to end-users internet browsers
  • d3js : this technology will be used to build the Suspicious GeoDashboard user interface, espacialy for its geographical library
  • html/css : user interface

How to use the container image

docker run -d --name "suspicious-14.04" -p 8888:80 ffrouin/suspicious-14.04

You can access suspicious dashboard


Integrate new data to your suspicious reports

Please consult Suspicious Documentation

Accounts Notes

freddy : container support and maintenance (rsa key authentication)


Sources : Support : Freddy Frouin