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ffverse is a collection of R packages designed for fantasy football analytics!

The ffverse is a set of packages dedicated to data and analysis of fantasy football.

R Packages

  • {ffscrapr} helps access various Fantasy Football APIs (currently MFL, Sleeper, Fleaflicker, and ESPN)
  • {ffsimulator} helps simulate fantasy football seasons
  • {ffpros} helps scrape by handling rate-limiting/caching/parsing and returning tidy dataframes which can be easily connected to other data sources
  • {ffopportunity} helps build Expected Fantasy Points by preprocessing and applying an xgboost model to nflverse play-by-play data


In most cases you should reach out to us on the nflverse Discord:

nflverse support

Related Projects

Other projects related to the ffverse are:


  1. ffscrapr ffscrapr Public

    R API Client for Fantasy Football League Platforms

    R 72 21

  2. ffsimulator ffsimulator Public

    Simulate Fantasy Football Seasons

    R 15 5

  3. ffopportunity ffopportunity Public

    Models for Fantasy Football Expected Points

    R 6 2

  4. ffpros ffpros Public

    Retrieves data from

    HTML 8 1

  5. Public



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