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x86-64 os made in crystal
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screenshot of lilith

A POSIX-like x86-64 kernel with a 32-bit userspace written in Crystal.


lilith needs to be compiled with a patched crystal compiler, to build it, run the command:

make toolchain/crystal/.build/crystal

You will also need an appropriate x86_64-elf binutils toolchain in order to link and assemble the kernel, as well as i686-elf binutils to build the bootstrap code.

make build/kernel

Building the userspace

A Makefile is provided for building the userspace toolchain, to build it, go to the userspace/toolchain directory and use make.

Once built, a patched version of GCC/Binutils will be installed in userspace/toolchain/tools/bin, simply set your PATH variable to that location and you can use the toolchain (with the i386-elf-lilith prefix)

To compile C programs for the system, you'll also need to build the libc. In the userspace/toolchain directory, do:

make build_libc


A CPU with x64 support is required to run the OS. The Makefile provides a script which will run QEMU on the kernel:

make run

To run with storage, an MBR-formatted hard drive image with a FAT16 partition must be provided in the running directory with the name drive.img. The kernel will automatically boot the main.bin executable on the hard drive, or panic if it can't be loaded.

make run_img


  • Basic x86-64 support
  • Hybrid conservative-precise incremental garbage collector
  • IDE/ATA support (well, it can only load from primary master)
  • FAT16 support
  • Basic syscalls (open, read, write, spawn,...)
  • Preemptive multitasking!
  • Userspace C library written in Crystal/C
  • And much more as I go...


This program is licensed under GPLv3.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

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