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#!/bin/sh -xe
test -z "$1" -o -z "$2" && echo "Usage: $0 instance disk" && exit 1
test -z "$backup" && backup="backup"
test -z "$rsync_host" && rsync_host="lib15"
test "`rsync $rsync_host::$backup/$instance/$disk 2>/dev/null | wc -l`" != 1 && echo "ERROR $rsync_host::$backup/$instance/$disk backup target missing" && exit 1
rbd_image=`gnt-instance info --static $instance | grep logical_id: | cut -d\' -f4 | grep "\.rbd\.disk$disk\$"`
test -z "$rbd_image" && echo "can't find rbd_image name for $instance $disk" && exit 1
rbd snap add $rbd_image@backup
rbd snap protect $rbd_image@backup
rbd clone $rbd_image@backup backup-$instance-$disk
rbd_dev=`rbd map backup-$instance-$disk`
test -d /dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap || mkdir /dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap
# we must mount filesystem read-write to allow journal recovery
offset=`fdisk -l $rbd_dev -u -o Device,Start,Type | grep 'Linux$' | grep $rbd_dev | head -1 | sed 's/\*/ /' | awk '{ print \$2 * 512 }'`
test ! -z "$offset" && offset=",offset=$offset"
mount $rbd_dev /dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap -o noatime$offset
# XXX do rsync back to $rsync_host
if rsync $rsync_host::$backup/$instance/rsync.args /dev/shm/$instance-rsync.args 2>/dev/null ; then
rsync_args="`cat /dev/shm/$instance-rsync.args`"
rsync -ravHzXA --inplace --numeric-ids --delete $rsync_args \
/dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap/ $rsync_host::$backup/$instance/$disk/ \
&& ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_dsa-zfs $rsync_host $rsync_host/$backup/$instance/$disk
# XXX backup OK
umount /dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap
rbd unmap backup-$instance-$disk
rbd rm backup-$instance-$disk
rbd snap unprotect $rbd_image@backup
rbd snap rm $rbd_image@backup
rmdir /dev/shm/$rbd_image.snap