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phantomjs-on-raspberry (and experimental arm64) Release GitHub (pre-)release Github All Releases

Phantomjs unofficial binaries for raspberry pi.

PhantomJS doesn't provide packages for arm, so these packages are here to allow easy install of recent versions.

Packages were build from the PhantomJS source. Each directory contains a file that discribes how binaries were build and so, how you can do it yourself if you are not confortable with unofficial packages. Debian packages were created with fpm.

All binaries are available in the release section.

short story

You probably want the last release.


This folder contains notes for binaries that are compatible with raspberry pi 1 model b, 2 and 3 : they use armv6 instructions only.


This folder contains notes for binaries that are compatible with raspberry pi 2 and 3 : they use armv7 instructions.


This folder contains notes for arm64/aarch64 binaries.


Raspberry Pi

Beside the builds for v2.1.1, the others are based on v2.0 of PhantomJS which was not as static as the developpers wanted it to be (see this issue). As a consequence, these binaries have more dependencies than they should and are thus bound to a specific distro.

For v2.1.1, you should be able to use the binaries on either wheezy or jessie.


This is an experimental build of 2.1.1. The last build should work at least on arm64 debian jessie and stretch.


see PhantomJS license.


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